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    • Words Matter: AAP Guidance on Inclusive, Anti-biased Language
      The AAP published
      guidance with recommendations for use of inclusive and anti-biased language across all publications and communications. The publication of this guidance aligns with the Academy’s ongoing equity, diversity, and inclusion activities and aims to combat bias, avoid stereotypes, remove stigma, and promote justice and strengths. The guidance discusses general considerations, considerations for disability, race/ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation. An accompanying video from AAP president Lee Savio Beers, MD, FAAP is also available, as well as an article from AAP News

​​COVID-19 Update

​The AAP continues to provide necessary support to pediatric health care professionals, patients, and families during as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

COVID-19 resources and updated guidance for health care professionals:​

COVID-19 resources for families on HealthyChildren.org:

Additional Implementation Resources
        • Maternal-Infant Health: Opportuni​ty to Share Your Story ​
          The AAP is recruiting pediatric primary care practices to participate in informative interviews to discuss models of care that embrace the core tenants of the pediatric medical home. This project aims to augment the current digital library of practice models that foster supportive environments for the families affected by parental opioid use. Interviewees will be asked to reflect on how they reinforce families' strengths and support parents in recovery. Promising Practices aim to encourage pediatric practices to consider recovery friendly approaches within the pediatric medical home framework. A letter of recognition is offered to the participating practices as a means for facilitating internal and external communication with their local, state, or regional stakeholders. Interested practices are invited to respond to this initial application. The core planning team that provides clinical oversight to the Maternal-Infant Health and Opioid Use program will review the applications. Selected applicants will be invited to participate in a 1-hour interview to discuss their program. A summary ​of the practice will be posted to the digital library on AAP.org/NOWS.
        • ACEs Prevention Campaign​
          The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the AAP have partnered up together to work with five social media influencers to educate about Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) Prevention. This flyer includes details and links to join Facebook for live conversations with pediatricians about how parents, adults and the community who will provide SSNREs (Safe, Stable, Nurturing Relationships/Environments) and how pediatricians can be a support and resource.
        • AAP Friends of Children Fund: Help Sustain AAP Mental Health Initiatives for Children and Adolescents
          The ​pandemic is taking an emotional toll on youth across the country. Kids and teens are falling into depression and in the most concerning cases, thinking suicidal thoughts. The AAP is devoted to creating programs and projects that address mental health issues, such as the AAP Youth Suicide Prevention Summit, which seeks to reduce the gap between patient need and effective preparation. This summit happened thanks to AAP Friends of Children Fund contributions. Without donations to the Friends of Children Fund, these deeply impactful programs would not have the means to take flight. Your donation means the difference between something only being a concept and a program that will save lives. In times like this, your gift means everything. Please give for kids today.​
        • Online Resources for Recovery-friendly Pediatric​s
          New webpages available on AAP.org/NOWS support family-centered care for infants exposed to opioids during pregnancy and birth parents. Pediatricians understand the challenges of becoming a parent and they can accompany families during the recovery journey. This 4-page series section includes educational videos and supportive content, also available for download in a handout format.

Conferences, e-Learning, and Events

        • ​Registration for AAP National Conference Now Open
          Join the AAP for the 2021 National Conference & Exhibition, October 8-12, 2021, in Philadelphia, PA. AAP members get advance access to registration and hotel reservations. This year's conference will offer education in more than 70 topic areas, with more than 80 in-person sessions, 130 on-demand sessions, and live-streamed content. Find more information about the conference here.