​Medical Home Initiatives New Releases

Both 60-minute episodes will provide an opportunity for Q&A and will highlight family experiences in navigating the system and partnering with their child's pediatrician to support their behavioral and mental health care needs.

Episode 1: The Behavioral and Mental Health Systems of Care for CYSHCN
Friday, June 24
11am-12pm CT​

pisode 2: The Role of Medical Home in Behavioral and Mental Health for CYSHCN
Thursday, June 30
12pm – 1pm CT
    • Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Promising Practice: South Dakota EHDI Creates Tele-Audiology Program​
      The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) program is excited to announce the South Dakota (SD) EHDI Collaborative as an Innovative and Promising Practice, focused on systems of care for children who are deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH) and their families. This state EHDI program created a tele-audiology program to improve early identification and promote early intervention services for children and their families across the state of SD. The program utilized a hub-and-spoke model to address the state's high lost-to-follow-up rates due to geographic isolation/rurality, transportation barriers, and limited pediatric audiology services. Strategies for how pediatricians can support this work are highlighted. For more information on the AAP EHDI program, visit aap.org/ehdi

      Interested in replicating this Innovative and Promising Practice in your practice? Contact aapehdi@aap.org to learn more about next steps.
    • Organizations Awarded Healthy Tomorrows Grants
      Eight organizations were awarded Healthy Tomorrows grants by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau in March to implement community-based programs and advance child health for vulnerable populations in their communities. The next Notice of Funding Opportunity will be released in summer 2022. Subscribe to the Community Health and Advocacy list to receive Healthy Tomorrows updates and available grant opportunities from the AAP and its partners.
    • AAP Voices: We Have the Power to Make a Difference​ 
      Successfully addres​sing the social needs of patients and their families sometimes can be as simple as sending a letter to a property owner, Yonit Lax, MD, FAAP, writes in AAP Voices. Dr Lax, a Healthy Tomorrows grantee describes how her institution embedded physician-generated letter templates into the electronic medical record to allow for a quick intervention. Patients with substandard housing conditions are offered a letter asking the property owner to fix the problems and explaining the possible health consequences, she writes.
    • Boston Children's Community Asthma Initiative
      Boston Children's Hospital's Community Asthma ​Initiative (CAI) significantly reduced child asthma emergency room visits by deploying Community Health Workers and home-based interventions to high-risk patients, helping families mitigate asthma triggers and better manage vital medication compliance. Kudos to Healthy Tomorrows grantee, Dr. Elizabeth Woods, and the great CAI team!
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COVID-19 Update
​The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) continues to provide necessary support to pediatric health care professionals, patients, and families during as the COVID-19 pandemic persists.
​COVID-19 resources and updated guidance for health care professionals:
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American Academy of Pediatrics Tracks Numbers of Children Vaccinated in Weekly Report
The AAP, drawing on data posted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is tracking the progress in vaccinating U.S. children under age 18. The report will be updated every Friday. 
Protecting your Child with the COVID-19 Vaccine
The AAP has created a one-pager to promote safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine for eligible children and adolescents. It can also be accessed under “printables” on the COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign Toolkit.