This page provides information about pediatric medical home activities, partners, and stakeholders in Oregon.

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Last updated: September 2020


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 State Pediatric Medical Home Activities

Current Activities

  • Advancing the Pediatric Medical Home Model: Coordinated Care Organizations
    Oregon established the Oregon Integrated and Coordinated Health Delivery System and a statewide network of coordinated care organizations to provide integrated care to its Medicaid beneficiaries, serving over 400,000 pediatric patients. The Oregon Pediatrics Society is a partner on the development and implementation of this initiative.
  • Children's Health Foundation Medical Home Initiatives
    Outlines the benefits, results, outcomes, and resources available to pediatricians in Oregon looking to implement medical homes.
  • Oregon Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Program
    Oregon's unique patient-centered medical home recognition program for primary care practices in its state.
  • State Innovation Model Testing Award
    Oregon was awarded a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid State Innovation Model Testing Award in February 2013. Through this grant, Oregon is implementing strategies to transform a state's health care delivery system through multi-payer payment reform and additional state initiatives.

Past Activities

 Partners, Stakeholders, and Contacts in State

  • Oregon Pediatrics Society
    This professional organization provides news, advocacy/legislation information, resources, and opportunities to connect with pediatric experts within Oregon.
  • Oregon Title V
    A profile of Oregon's state Title V program, includes contact information for the Maternal and Child Health and the Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Program.
  • Oregon Health Authority
    Oregon's Department of Health which creates statewide standards for patient-centered medical home recognition for Oregon's Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Program.
  • Oregon Medicaid
    State Medicaid Directors Contact Information
    Find information on Medicaid programs, resources, providers, and contacts within Oregon.
  • Children's Health Foundation
    In partnership with multidisciplinary stakeholders, including the Oregon Pediatric Society, this foundation works to provide resources to pediatricians and support pilot projects focusing on improving child health.
  • Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership
    A multidisciplinary partnership working to promote child health quality. Multiple projects related to the implementation of the core tenets of the medical home have been conducted through this partnership.
  • Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute
    Works in partnership with the Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership to build statewide capacity and support practices as they transform into medical homes.

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