This page provides information about pediatric medical home activities, partners, and stakeholders in Utah.

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Last updated: November 2021


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 State Pediatric Medical Home Activities

Current Activities

  • Alliance for Innovation on Maternal and Child Health Learning Collaborative
    Utah is participating in the Maternal and Child Health Bureau funded Alliance for Innovation on Maternal and Child Health Learning Collaborative. As part of this initiative, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) gathered information related to access to care and coverage issues from patient/family and clinician perspectives in Utah. In addition, the AAP reviewed current Utah Early Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment requirements to compare the services offered with the services recommended within the Bright Futures Guidelines for Health Supervision.

  • Utah Pediatric Partnership to Improve Healthcare Quality
    A collaborative effort to improve child health quality across the state of Utah through multiple improvement projects. Current projects include an initiative focusing on
    toxic stress in the context of medical home.

 Past Activities

 Partners, Stakeholders, and Contacts in State

  • Utah Family Voices Health Information Center
    The Family Health Information Center and Family Voices State Affiliate Organization of Utah provides education, information, and peer support to families of children with special health care needs.
  • Utah Title V
    A profile of Utah's state Title V program, includes contact information for the Maternal and Child Health and the Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Program.
  • Utah Medicaid
    State Medicaid Directors Contact Information
    Find information on Medicaid programs, resources, providers, and contacts within Utah.
  • Medical Home Portal: Utah​
    This state Portal provides information for child health professionals and families on caring for children and youth with special health care needs and local professional and community services and resources.
  • Utah State University Center for Persons with Disabilities
    Provides multiple resources and connections within Utah and the surrounding states for children, adults, and families with special health care needs.
  • Utah Parent Center
    A peer-support organization that trains parents of children with special needs to serve as peer resources through telephone support, workshops, annual conferences, and electronic communications.

 State Medical Home Data