The National Center for Medical Home Implementation hosts an annual webinar series focused on emerging issues, promising practices, and tools/resources for pediatric medical home implementation. This page features recordings, PowerPoint presentations, and audience questions from current and previous webinars.

Updated: June 2016

 2016: Thinking Outside the Box: How to Advance Health Equity and Care Quality in the Pediatric Medical Home

This webinar series provides pediatric clinicians, Title V programs, families and others with tools, resources, and strategies to enhance the patient and family experience in the pediatric medical home. This includes, but is not limited to, the experience of diverse, vulnerable and medically underserved populations.

Changing Perception: How to Build Cultural Competence and Humility
Changing Relationships: How to Foster Effective Communication with Patients and Families
Changing Practice: How to Understand and Address Social Factors that Shape Child Health

 2015: Pediatric Care Coordination: Beyond Policy, Practice, and Implementation

This webinar series expands on information from the American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement, “Patient- and Family- Centered Care Coordination: A Framework for Integrating Care for Children and Youth across Multiple Systems.” The series provides guidance, tools and resources for implementing care coordination in a pediatric practice and across multiple care systems within the community; it also includes information on how to measure these efforts.

Beyond Policy: Implementing Care Coordination in Practice

Beyond Practice: Fostering Diverse Partnerships for Successful Care Coordination

Beyond Implementation: Capturing the Value of Care Coordination

 2014: Fostering Partnership and Teamwork in the Pediatric Medical Home

This webinar series expands on the information, tools, and resources presented through the "How-To" video series developed by the National Center for Medical Home Implementation, "Fostering Partnership and Teamwork in the Pediatric Medical Home."

 Implementing Team Huddles

Enhancing Care Partnership Support

Starting and Supporting Family Advisory Groups